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Season of Sparkle – Luxury Jewelry Gifts

Season of Sparkle – Luxury Jewelry Gifts

Part two of our holiday gift guide… With so many meaningful and gorgeous ways to express your love and gratitude or to help yourself shine a little brighter this year, we could not fit it all into one post. Handpicked by Giuseppe and the Picchiotti family, here are more luxury jewelry gifts to spread the sparkle. Given all that has transpired in the last couple of years, we need that extra ounce of delight this year more than ever. 

The Emotion of Color – The Feeling Factor 

According to the London Image Institute, perceptions of color may be subjective, but some effects of color are universal and can affect our mood and impact our personal psychology.  Red, for example, connotates excitement, strength, love, and energy.  Green evokes nature, healing, and freshness. Blue, however, conjures trust, peace, loyalty, and confidence. And of course, the clean presence of white is perfect for honesty and innocence.  PICCHIOTTI dedicated an entire assortment of their world renowned Xpandable™ collection to those who truly appreciate precious, colored gemstones. “For the Love of Color” offers dozens of expanding ring and bracelet designs featuring the four precious gems – rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds.

Mr. Picchiotti often asks his gifting clients what is the favorite color of the intended recipient. One way to personalize a gift is to select their preferred color. Given what we know about the psychology of color, another great idea is to choose colors that express a specific sentiment or that will have a unique effect on how they feel when they wear the jewelry.  If you want to express love or give a lift of strength and energy, consider a ruby ring or bracelet.  PICCHIOTTI has a wide variety of ruby Xpandable options that make fabulous long-term gifts because they expand and contract to make them easy to slide on, with no clasp or ring-sizing, even over large knuckles. The double-row ruby and diamond Xpandable ring is a classic style that offers a hint of excitement and can be worn with other rings already in the normal daily wear (weddings ring, anniversary bands). 

For the fashionista who prefers versatile options for an on-the-go lifestyle, PICCHIOTTI’s double facing ring offers different ways to wear. For days when you need a little freshness, wear it with the emeralds and diamonds facing out. On days when you need tranquility and peace, or when wearing the favored blue sweater or blazer, wear it with the sapphires showing. And on those days when you swing from one mood to another, just flip it around whenever you like. As a gift, the double facing ring offers options to keep it being worn frequently. They will feel the love in your gift each time they wear it.

Choose the favorite shape – oval cut, emerald cut, round – and the favorite color in either a ring or a bracelet. Or better yet, select a color to express your excitement (red), loyalty (blue), or healing vibes (green).  Xpandable bracelets and rings are perfect for stacking, too, so consider a stack to really make a statement or just keep adding to the collection with every gift-giving occasion.

Investment Gems – Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds

Another way to express genuine and lasting affection for a loved one is to invest in truly important gemstones. PICCHIOTTI is famous for procuring some of the most spectacular gems in the world. The Masterpieces collection is full of the highest quality gemstones set with precision, accuracy, and the unsurpassed Italian craftsmanship of the artisans in their atelier in Valenza.  A deep, beautiful blue, cushion-cut sapphire (34.69 ct.) from Sri Lanka forms a plateau on the finger as the gem is expertly raised for maximum light reflection. For diamond lovers, warm things up with a near-perfect, GIA certified, oval-cut, 10 carat Fancy Yellow Diamond ring. This ring is a showstopper and can be worn as an engagement ring or a magnificent cocktail ring. 

A rare and precious oval vivid green emerald (19.34 ct) from Zambia is set into an exquisite Bombé Ring, encircled by a complex arrangement of over 10 carats of radiant pear-shaped diamonds. The overall effect is floral and, in a word, stunning! For emerald lovers with more subdued tastes, the “Masterpieces” emeralds worn on the model above are set with PICCHIOTTI’s signature baguette diamonds in a chic collar necklace and button earring. The Vivid Green Octagonal Emeralds are from Zambia, and each one has its own gemological lab report assuring its quality, authenticity, and value. Such a perfectly matching layout of almost 46 carats of emeralds is a lifetime treasure, very hard to come by. When Giuseppe Picchiotti discovers an incredible assortment like this, he keeps the design simple and classic to let the true beauty of the gems shine through. 

According to the American Gem Society, rubies have been revered since ancient times, symbolic of the life-giving properties of blood, as well as prosperity and protection. Truly exceptional, deeply red rubies are Giuseppe’s favorite gem, “a treasure in a class by itself, second to none other!” Knockout layouts like the pear and heart-shaped rubies (over 159 carats) in the Masterpieces Ruby necklace are exceedingly rare. A necklace like this is red-carpet worthy and will transcend ephemeral trends, lasting more than a human lifetime.  

Discover more superlative gems in the Masterpieces one-of-a-kind collection by PICCHIOTTI.

Dazzling Drops – A Celebration of Style

As everyone prepares for the famous Times Square ball to drop on New Year’s Eve, there will be many holiday parties to attend, either in-person or virtually. Nothing makes a celebratory statement quite like a great pair of drop earrings!  Choose a length based on your face-shape and/or hair length. Longer faces and hair styles call for elongated earrings like many of PICCHIOTTI’s Chandelier drops. The Fancy Yellow Diamond and princess cut diamonds sleek stiletto style shown above are perfect for oval and rectangular faces and those who wear their hair longer than shoulder length. For blue-eyed beauties, the pale blue Turquoise drop earrings can bring all the attention to the face and those very expressive eyes.

For those who prefer the classics, or for the bride to be in 2022, all diamond drop earrings have maximum radiance and can be worn with absolutely everything. The concentric teardrop “hoops” easily dress up or down and make a very wearable memento of that special day. For texture lovers – those who wear sweaters, cable knits, or the hot crochet trend from recent runways, the mesh-like quality of the PICCHIOTTI arrow earrings creating a geometric statement that point toward spectacular!

For ruby fans, the PICCHIOTTI Ellipse earrings add timeless appeal and have a nice width. Wider chandeliers and statement earrings are great for wider face shapes like heart-shaped, round and triangle. The oval rubies (over 6 carats) are surrounded by round diamonds in the same shape of the beautiful drop and the octagonal rubies on the lobe are surrounded by signature baguette diamonds. The beautiful rectangle of the PICCHIOTTI Excellence earrings can be complimentary to either wide face shapes OR longer ones. The beautiful touch of color in the emerald on the lobe is sparkling perfection for those with green eyes or for those who love green like this author.  The mix of geometric shapes is pure design brilliance. 

No matter how or with whom you celebrate this year, do your research and find the perfect gift for the ones you love most. As Giuseppe says, “We take no shortcuts in creating our jeweled masterpieces, nor should you, when shopping for them!”

If you missed our first Season of Sparkle post, click here for more ways to indulge and delight. 

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