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Season of Sparkle – Luxury Jewelry Gifts for Her

Season of Sparkle – Luxury Jewelry Gifts for Her

As the holiday season approaches this year, there is more anticipation than ever. Many people are now able to finally come together safely to celebrate time-honored traditions with the people they love most. It will surely be a season of sparkle as many of the top trends this year feature luxury fine jewelry. Here are some gorgeous luxury gifts for her that are #trending for 2021, handpicked by Giuseppe Picchiotti to really communicate the depth of love and gratitude that the holidays evoke.  Remember to put yourself on your shopping list as fine jewelry is a great investment that, like you, just continues to get better and more valuable when well cared for.

Modern Tennis Bracelets, Necklaces, & Eternity Bands

The return of the tennis bracelet has been making headlines of late. Isabelle Huppert wore a chic diamond tennis bracelet over a long-sleeved black satin gown to stunning effect at the Cannes 2021 Film Festival. The diamond line/eternity bracelets date back to the early 20th century but did not receive the moniker “tennis bracelet” until the 1970s when Chris Evert was wearing one in a U.S. Open match. It went flying across the court, and Evert famously stopped the game until her bracelet was retrieved.  Since then, we have called it a “tennis bracelet.”

But modern tennis bracelets are no longer limited to the classic style you might be remembering. Refinery29 found “unexpected takes on throwback styles,” and Lynne Yaeger at Vogue wrote an entire story earlier this year about why everyone should invest in the beloved tennis bracelet, especially with contemporary designs. The sparkle and allure of this iconic bracelet makes it the perfect touch of sophistication to our post-lockdown casual attire.

Thanks to the patented* Xpandable™️ technology at PICCHIOTTI, today’s tennis bracelet has no need for a cumbersome clasp. Top quality diamonds of almost every shape create beautiful and comfortable bracelets that make perfect gifts because they can be worn with any of her favorite fashion ensembles. It is also an empowering gift, as the invisible expanding technology makes it easy for her to put on herself.

According to Yaeger of Vogue, “tennis bracelets make wonderful stackers.” The more the merrier! So, even if you’re shopping for someone who already wears such a bracelet, add additional options to her jewelry box for stacking. Since the PICCHIOTTI brand is known worldwide for superlative color gemstones, they offer a whole host of tennis style bracelet options with precious rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. They also offer posh, expanding line bracelets in shiny or matte yellow and rose gold with recurring diamond motifs.  These bracelets stack well with classic tennis bracelets or with each other. They are also the perfect bracelet to wear with a luxury watch.

The look is trending not just in bracelets but also in necklaces and rings. According to jewelry author, historian, and columnist Beth Bernstein, the now-called “tennis necklace” is actually a rivière necklace and dates back to the 18th century Georgian period. The collar-length diamond necklaces have a contemporary flair in their understated elegance. All-diamond versions are being updated to include colorful gems, and PICCHIOTTI has wide gold collar necklaces with splashes of diamond accents in its new X2 capsule collection. The X2 bracelets and rings slide open and close to comfortably expand around knuckles and wrists for the perfect fit.

Eternity rings go perfectly with tennis bracelets, too. Whether in all diamond, gemstone, or a combination of the two, the sleek designs from the Xpandable collection require no ring sizing. They make the perfect lifetime gift as they can expand up to 2.5 sizes as her knuckles or fingers could grow over time. Similar to the bracelets, they make great stackables. If she has an eternity band already, consider giving her a ring with her favorite gemstone to wear with it.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings continue to be popular, especially as we now look at our hands constantly, with our 21st century smart phone/watch addictions. Luckily, our dutiful digits can be beautifully adorned with statement cocktail rings to keep us sparkling and smiling. Giuseppe always says, “rings are the most personal jewelry of all, and they can be most appreciated and enjoyed by the wearer because they are seen again and again throughout the day, constantly reminding her of how very valuable and loved she really is.”

PICCHIOTTI is world renowned for their immaculate artistry when it comes to color gemstones and the creation of fine jewelry with spectacular gems. Cocktails rings are often the very best format for displaying the exquisite natural beauty of certain gemstones, like putting them on a pedestal to be fully appreciated.

A large emerald-cut orange/pink spinel forms the center of a sparkling white gold and diamond ring, its size filling the space between knuckles on the ringer, its shank formed of stacked diamond rows in graduated sizes. There is a true beauty in the simplicity of the design and the exceptional unheated pink spinel can be truly admired for its rarity and its prominent size.

The pristine pool-like surface of Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline creates a soothing sensation in another one-of-a-kind PICCHIOTTI cocktail ring.  The translucent shade of blue has a tropic appeal, drowning the senses in visual splendor and tactile smoothness, like a body of water on a calm day, without the slightest ripple.

Combinations of colored gemstones also create appealing ring designs at PICCHIOTTI. Driven by fervent research and a veritable treasure hunt for the most unique gems around the world, the PICCHIOTTI “Essentially Color” collection includes the highest quality of gems brought together in surprising and unusual ways. A cushion cut green tourmaline is flanked by pear-shaped purple Amethysts and framed in white diamonds. Not only do the colors surprise and thrill, the juxtaposition of geometric shapes also delights. A stunning sensation that is perfect for everyday wear.

And why settle for only one?  Fashion runways for Autumn/Winter 2021-22, were full of models wearing impressive rings across the hand.  Multi-finger bling was touted by Vogue as one of the top jewelry accessories of the season. Designers like Dries Van Noten, Miu Miu, Schiaparelli, Ports 1961, and Stella Jean all featured rings on two or more fingers. Black was particularly relevant for the season, and the bling added bits of pop and pizzazz to the otherwise subdued ensembles. PICCHIOTTI’s “Zebra” ring pairs black onyx with white diamonds in a stair-step style that elevates a striking emerald-cut rubellite at top.

Whether your favorite female stacks them on one finger or moves them around on different fingers day by day, the comfort and versatility of the Xpandable collection offers her many ways to wear. The expanding rings can easily fit the ring finger, as well as the middle or pointer finger, for most women, because they comfortable expand up to two and a half sizes.  So, she can have additional fun with your gift as she changes up for look from day to day.

Romance Reigns – Bows, Hearts, Engagement Rings

Romance reigns supreme every holiday season. Engagements go up and lovers invest in the true significance of their beloved with meaningful and lasting symbols of affection in the form of fine jewelry. Since F/W 2019, bow motifs have been on the rise, offering a soft, feminine juxtaposition to some of the masculine tailoring, tonal suits, and trench coats in recent Couture fashion collections. At the recent 2021 NYFW Bridal Week, bows were seen in the hair at Amsale and Marchesa Notte, and black bows added a touch of contemporary accessorizing at Vera Wang and Scorcesa. Bows add a hint of romance and femininity to any ensemble.

PICCHIOTTI has an entire bow collection in its fine jewelry repertoire. Named “Fiocco” (Italian for bow), these bows are much more durable, made of precious 18K yellow or white gold and a variety of faceted gemstones. A thin collar necklace of diamonds is accented with a beautiful bow add-on. It can be worn as a simple tennis necklace or beautiful bow necklace when the romantic mood strikes. The bow enhancer can also be worn as a brooch. Earrings of furled diamond ribbons can complement any power suit, adding a hint of the softness that makes female power all the more impressive. PICCHIOTTI has a couple of designs to choose from.

Statement rings are also trending.  For bow lovers, there is a cornucopia of bow beauty at PICCHIOTTI in the ring category. Large diamond bow rings capture the light and sparkle with every move of the fingers. Colorful bows also grab attention and can be a personalized gift if you choose her favorite color or her favorite gemstone. The center of the bow becomes the perfect place to feature a large, exceptional colored gem, the superlative kind that the House of PICCHIOTTI is known for. A rose gold bow with white diamonds and green peridot surrounds a gorgeous center cabochon blue sapphireSapphires and diamonds accent a luscious green tourmaline at center in a similar ring. Two-tone varieties offer a simpler look in diamonds and sapphires, rubies and diamonds, or green tsavorites and diamonds.

For more literal romantic gestures, consider heart motifs for a meaningful gift. Fancy Yellow diamonds in perfect heart shapes create a pair of impressive stud earrings that will surround her smile with your affection. A large heart-shaped ruby could become a lasting symbol of your love as the center of a Masterpiece ruby and diamond ring.

No discussion of holiday romance is complete without mention of proposals. Engagement season now lasts from Thanksgiving weekend through Valentines’ Day, as more and more people are popping the question during the most magical time of the year. PICCHIOTTI’s Xpandable bridal rings allow anyone to propose in complete surprise as they need not know her exact ring size. Xpandable rings, whether center stone engagement rings or eternity bands, can all expand up to two and a half ring sizes (U.S. sizes) for a smooth fit that will remain comfortable over a lifetime. For a more traditional diamond engagement ring, PICCHIOTTI offers unique styles with large center diamonds or Fancy Yellow diamonds, halo styles, two stones rings, even a floral motif. And now that rings are being worn on multiple fingers, these styles make great gifts to renew and refresh your love if you have already been married for a while.

With a wide variety of styles to choose from, the trends this year give you permission to indulge and delight. Stay tuned for more great options like investment gems and dazzling drop earrings in our next post.

Giuseppe suggests you do your research and take your time. Finding the perfect gift for your beloved should be almost as much fun as watching the joy on her face when she finally gets to open the package and discover your incredible gift of eternal love. “We take no shortcuts in creating our jeweled masterpieces,” says Mr. Picchiotti. “Nor should you, when shopping for that precise expression of love that will please her the most!”

Happy shopping!


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Snowflake montage featuring PICCHIOTTI Xpandable pieces – Masterpieces “Rivière in Diamonds” Tennis Necklace, Xpandable “Emerald Cut Lover” Diamond Tennis Bracelet and Xpandable Diamond Eternity Band


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