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Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 137

15048 Valenza (AL) - ITALIA


Picchiotti's Fine Jewelry has a unique and sophisticated style, characterized by markable high standards; it stands out with the marvellous finishing touch on its refined jewels, defined in every minute detail. Art and craftmanship fuse with the long inherited family business of Picchiotti, Jewelry of exclusive design Made in Italy, going through and beyond time. The colors of diamonds call to mind the love for nature and they melt into the creation of a joyful and living masterpiece.


The vast mastery, given by the fine jewelry experience of its family business of Picchiotti, Jewelry of exclusive design Made in Italy, shows the indissoluble bond between art and innovation. The delicacy of the forms, defined by sinuous lines link to the joyful element of the stones: the emotional balance is tangible in every art piece of Picchiotti. Workmanship rare and sophisticated, they are marked and cherished by their refined design.

ROSE The Rose Brooch is a very special creation first designed and made in March 1967 by Picchiotti, Jewelry of exclusive design Made in Italy and it meant the start of the Fine Jewelry Picchiotti among the most known maisons of the world. The most iconic rose design is definitely the Rose Brooch, whose success has been suggesting the creation of several spin-offs: diamond and colored rings, earrings, and several important necklaces. The Rose Collection is quite universal and serves the desire of all those who appreciate the beauty of these finely designed and treasured pieces of jewelry. It honors the glorious past of the Fine Jewelry of Picchiotti, and it serves as a liaison to the future because of its importance as a source of inspiration. EXPLORE THE ROSE COLLECTION

FAUNA AND FLORA Nature-inspired pieces, mainly flowers and birds, have made Fine Jewelry Picchiotti renowned for his ability to reproduce the beauty found in nature and brought to life. An amazing assortment of colorful flower brooches, as a tribute to coloured gemstones and a celebration of the splendor of nature, is crafted with superlative workmanship and is a manifestation of Picchiotti, Jewelry of exclusive design Made in Italy with an unsurpassable creativity and refined design. An extravagant array of exotic birds represents both an aesthetic and technical challenge in the reproduction of the animals’ intense expressions, elegant position or replica of full flight. EXPLORE THE EXCEPTIONAL FAUNA COLLECTION

THE ART OF BAGUETTES Picchiotti’s Fine Jewelry designs are known across Oceans by his signature usage of calibrated stones, particularly baguettes. The use of such stones is a highly demanding and expensive aspect of jewelry design. To achieve his perfect results, Picchiotti, Jewelry of exclusive design Made in Italy, works with huge quantities of the stones in well-proportioned shapes, which require as little trimming as possible. His designs are almost architectural in their intricacy, and his technique with baguettes of every size is as unique as the designs themselves. The workmanship of crafts is unique, such as their refined design. The resulting collection is one of exquisite beauty and artistry. EXPLORE ALL CREATIONS WITH BAGUETTE

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