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Dressing for Holiday Parties/Celebrations

Dressing for Holiday Parties/Celebrations

Event season is in full swing, and everyone is ready to party! Now is the time to polish those fingernails, suit up in festive attire, and add a bit of glamour or sparkle. Nothing completes a look like the perfectly chosen accessory. PICCHIOTTI has been helping customers find the specific and personal ways to express themselves with luxury and fine jewelry for over five decades of brilliance. Here, we will explore some of their best advice for dressing for holiday parties and celebrations.

Cocktail Rings for Cocktail Parties

The cheerful cocktail party is a particularly popular event this time of year. At PICCHIOTTI, we love cocktail rings year-round but many of our customers like to show them off with a cocktail dress at a cocktail party. All of the precious gemstones (ruby, emerald, sapphires, and diamonds) are perfect for cocktail rings with high jewelry versions in our Masterpieces collection and expressive styles in our Essentially Color collection or the luxuriously practical and comfortable Xpandable™️ collection. For those who love to match accessories to the wardrobe, select a similar color of gemstones – a fun ruby ring with a red dress or a yellow diamond with a gold dress. We love mixing things up, too, especially in the modern fashion world. Consider pairing an emerald ring with a blue cocktail dress or a deep blue sapphire with your holiday greens. Diamonds are always a welcome touch. Our PICCHIOTTI Fiocco Collection of precious bows adds a feminine appeal for ladies with classic tastes or those who appreciate the creative and artistic skill set required to make precious metal look like supple sinews of twirled fabric. There are bows of many colors – pick your favorite or find an all-diamond style to wear with anything in the wardrobe.  

Versatility – Always Be Ready 

The most wonderful time of the year always comes with surprises – running into friends who invite you to a last-minute evening soiree or family members popping by for a visit who invite you out for a fine dining experience or even a holiday business lunch followed by a company Christmas party. The safe bet during gala season is versatile options that help you to always be ready. At PICCHIOTTI, we had just these types of situations in mind when we designed the new Xpandable Reversible collection. The new patent-pending design capitalizes on the successful Xpandable technology that allows bracelets and rings to expand and contract but now also adds the versatile element of reversibility, creating two designs in one. The new bracelets can easily be flipped over while on the wrist to reveal a different design.  Perhaps an all-gold bracelet is best for the office, but when it comes time to head to the holiday party, just flip it over on your wrist to have a sparkly diamond bracelet. Or if you are wearing a cozy sweater by day, a lovely understated white gold bracelet is perfect, but as you throw on a scarf or sparkly blazer for evening merriment, flip it over to wear the black onyx and white diamond design.  There are also coral and white ceramic or dark and light mother-of-pearl options… something for every personal taste with more designs coming as the new collection grows. A few rings are also available for women who want versatile options for the fingers that can easily expand and contract over knuckles for a perfectly comfortable fit. 

LBD+  Personalize that Little Black Dress

Now is the time that our little black dresses get the most wear. Perfect for any festive occasion the ubiquitous LBD is flattering on everyone and always appropriate. At PICCHIOTTI, we suggest personalizing the look with unique precious jewels. Nothing makes you stand out in a crowd better than a little bit of sparkle. And don’t be afraid to add some color! PICCHIOTTI is world renowned for having some of the finest gemstones in the market. These superlative gems make for truly unique and beautiful jewelry designs that help personalize your LBD look, creating a style that is singularly yours. The new Gem Ceramics collection feels especially relevant for black dress lovers. The black or white ceramic is elegantly designed with colorful gemstones as statement cuffs or earrings, an Art Deco inspired bracelet with coral and diamonds, or Xpandable options featuring Sapphires, Turquoise, classic gold and diamond styles. These new designs are on the cutting edge of both fashion and technology but still maintain the classic aesthetic that PICCHIOTTI is known for.

Statement rings and earrings also compliment the LBD. A statement chandelier earring such as the ruby and diamond ellipse earrings add a bit of flair to even the most basic black dress or pantsuit. They sway gracefully from the lobe, catching the light and reflecting the radiance upon your face.  Singular bold rings can also add delight. The Perfect Harmony ring in black onyx and round white diamonds is a thought-provoking attention grabber as it balances yin and yang energies and brings a smile whenever you look at your hands or hold your smart phone. Turquoise and Coral versions of the Perfect Harmony rings are also available if you want a nice bright pop of color to contrast the black in your dress. 

Stack ‘em Up – Curate the Perfect Wrist/Hand

Another great way to personalize any look at any time is to stack and layer. Stacked rings and/or bracelets create a mini sensation that captures a little of who you are. No other person would stack or layer the bracelets or rings in exactly the same way, so the look expresses something unique about you and can add some festive sparkle when you need it most. The PICCHIOTTI Xpandable collection offers over two hundred designs in bracelets and rings, making it easy for you to choose the ones you love most. Stack classic diamond tennis bracelet styles with colorful gemstone options or mix and match fashion gems like mother-of-pearl, coral, turquoise, black onyx, etc.  The more the merrier! You can also continue to add to your collection of stackable bracelets or rings with every occasion – as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or as well-deserved self-indulgences. Adding a new bracelet every year just makes the stack more intriguing and more personal as your curate the perfect wrist. Same with rings – a stack of sparkling rings can offer a delightful reminder of how special you are any time and every time you glance at your hands. So, have fun curating your own stack and feel free to change it up from time to time, always keeping it fresh and fun.

However you choose to celebrate or dress up this event season, do it with pizazz and wear your gems and jewelry in good health! Find more bejeweled options at PICCHIOTTI.com and try it on in person at one of our esteemed retail partners. Pro tip – bring your jewelry or your dress with you, so you can try it on with other styles in your jewelry wardrobe or with the dress or outfit you are hoping to wear it with! Snap pics of your styling session and remember to tag @picchiotti_fine_jewellery, us – we would love to see it.


Happy Holidays!


Feature image at top – Clockwise from upper left – PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Ruby and Diamond earrings, Model wearing PICCHIOTTI Chandelier Emerald and Diamond earrings, Model wearing PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Yellow Diamond Cocktail ring and Xpandable Fancy Yellow & White Diamond bracelet, PICCHIOTTI Reversible Xpandable Gold, Diamond and Sapphire bracelet, Xpandable Emerald Cocktail ring  


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