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PICCHIOTTI Suggests – Buying Tips for Selecting the Best Jewelry Gifts

PICCHIOTTI Suggests – Buying Tips for Selecting the Best Jewelry Gifts

Buying holiday gifts, particularly luxury jewelry, can feel a bit daunting at best. When investing in a loved one with the long-lasting gift of ‘sparkle,’ where do you turn for advice? We thought it would be wise to consult with genuine experts, those who have devoted their lives and livelihoods to the pursuit of excellence in fine jewelry. We asked the Picchiottis themselves–Giuseppe, who started the heritage brand 55 years ago, along with his two sons and one daughter – all three of whom have been raised in the family business – what do they consider or recommend when searching for the perfect holiday jewelry gift. Here, we have gathered their best advice and their personal favorites for gift giving.

GIUSEPPE Suggests Masterpieces –Give nothing but the best.


Clockwise from upper right – PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Cuff Bracelet, PICCHIOTTI Fit for a Queen necklace, PICCHIOTT Iconic Rose Brooch, Giuseppe Picchiotti inspecting a Masterpiece, PICCHIOTTI Ruby Masterpiece Ring 

“From the day I first started the company, back in 1967, I have always sought to buy the very best quality of diamonds and gemstones that I could afford,” says Giuseppe Picchiotti, the founder of PICCHIOTTI. “And I believe that commitment to superlative quality should be at the heart of every jewelry gift-giver’s pursuit. Always buy the very best you can afford and demand assurances of the quality in the fine jewelry you are buying. Ask to see the grading certificates for any significant or larger stones – not just when you buy an engagement ring, but for every piece of jewelry you purchase. Ask about the manufacturing details. Look at the stones with a jeweler’s loupe. Be sure to fall in love with the piece – if you love it, chances are very good that the person you are giving it to will also adore it.”  If he were not a jeweler and he went shopping for his wife, Giuseppe would not buy anything less than the best. The PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces collection is where he would invest.  

Being a jeweler, Giuseppe conceives every piece of PICCHIOTTI jewelry with only the highest standards in mind, both in terms of craftsmanship and the quality of the colored gemstones or diamonds. A lifelong lover of the diamond baguette (read more about his infatuation with baguettes here) and the workmanship required for precision in such a cut, Giuseppe often adds baguettes as a signature motif, giving a unique twist to his PICCHIOTTI creations. The Masterpieces “Fit for a Queen” necklace is a good example. The incredible design highlights the pristine colors of the emeralds by setting them in a halo of perfectly fitting, re-cut baguettes. The necklace makes a terrific gift for a woman of sophistication and classic style because it is, as the name suggests, fit for a queen. 

Many of Giuseppes’s most memorable creations boast this type of special baguette workmanship. The Masterpieces Ruby ring is another great gift option. For those who love the ruby, Giuseppe’s most beloved gemstone, this ring design places the stunning oval Burmese ruby on a pedestal, supported by a “runway” of graduated baguette diamonds on the shank and flanked by round diamonds and unique buff-top rubies that echo the beauty of the deeply colored stone in the center. Giuseppe suggests this ring as an exceptional treasure for a very special someone. 

And Giuseppe cannot discuss gifting without mention of the one who has everything. We all have someone like this on our list. For the one with a well-developed, impressive fine jewelry wardrobe, the trick is to add something unique. Here is where Giuseppe turns to Nature.  “The truly original designs in my beloved Flora and Fauna creations have won me great attention and many new customers worldwide.” The iconic Rose Brooch actually propelled the PICCHIOTTI brand into the high jewelry world, winning him global recognition. The Rose Garden collection now includes other nature inspired beauties for collectors  and rose devotees seeking to add floral earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets to their jewelry box. 

MARIACAROLA Suggests Classics – Diamonds are always a welcome gift.

We all know that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ and MariaCarola Picchiotti, the Marketing Director at PICCHIOTTI is living proof. Even though she works with diamonds and fine jewelry every day of her life, she remains an avid and loyal diamond fan. The enchanting, sparkling bits of carbon are always a welcome addition to her fine jewelry wardrobe. Being her father’s daughter, she suggests that when selecting a classic gift of diamond jewelry, “remember my father’s advice, and always buy the best diamonds you can afford. Diamonds make lasting gifts – they retain their value over time and because of their unique geological qualities, they shine brightly for many years to come.”  

MariaCarola suggests gifts such as the PICCHIOTTI Classic ring featuring a center cushion-cut diamond weighing over 5 carats in a complex setting of baguette diamonds. She particularly loves the addition of buff-top rubies and black onyx that create a dramatic contrast of black and white. Another favorite piece of hers is the ultimate emerald cut diamond band that boasts 16 emerald-cut diamonds, 1 carat each (total carat weight 16.20). Every stone in the ring comes with its own GIA Lab Report.  

“I also love innovative diamond designs that bring the heritage of the diamond’s noble past into contemporary style. For ladies who already have beautiful classic diamond jewelry, consider adding to her collection with a piece of diamond jewelry that has a modern twist. I would go for a Gem Ceramic creation, perhaps the quintessentially PICCHIOTTI bracelet that pairs the precision of baguette and princess-cut diamonds with the versatility of yellow gold and black ceramic. She can wear it with a little black dress, a luxury watch, or her favorite casual chic ensemble. The styling options are plentiful.”  

FILIPPO Suggests XPANDABLE Styles – Practical gifts add sparkle & value to everyday life. 

Filippo Picchiotti is the son of Giuseppe and the Vice President of Product Development for the PICCHIOTTI brand. Like his father, he has fallen in love with the beauty of Mother Nature’s most exceptional gems, but he has not lost his sense of pragmatism.  He suggests, “When giving a gift of luxury jewelry, it is important to be somewhat pragmatic. Keep in mind the person’s lifestyle and choose jewelry that they can wear comfortably on a regular basis, so that they always have a tangible reminder of your love.”  

Filippo suggests investing in pieces from the Xpandable™ Collection because these designs solve problems! The patented* invisible technology allows the rings and bracelets to expand and contract, ensuring comfort and fit without ring-sizing or cumbersome clasps. With over 200 designs in the Xpandable line, there is something for everyone – classic diamond and gold pieces, beautiful gemstone styles that can match well with the wearer’s favorite fashion colors, or fashion-forward gems and cocktail rings for everyday delight. 

Like Giuseppe, Filippo is a gemstone connoisseur, so he couples his pragmatism with passion. He particularly loves and recommends designs that feature the beauty of a special stone or series of stones. A good example is the exceptional heart-shaped Sapphire from Sri Lanka which is outlined by baguette diamonds and features buff-top sapphires in the shank in one of PICCHIOTTI’s newest Xpandable ring designs 

And, for those seeking the most sensible gift of all, consider jewelry with versatile design. Filippo is a huge fan of the recently launched Reversible Xpandable collection, which offers the utmost versatility a piece of jewelry can have – these rings and bracelets can literally be flipped over to reveal a different design. Wear the all-gold design in the office by day and “flip” to flaunt the diamond design for evening or more formal occasions. Choose all-white ceramic with your summer whites and flip to turquoise or coral when you need a dose of color to liven up your neutral wardrobe basics. “The flexibility offered by the Reversible Xpandable jewelry means that the receiver will get even more wear and more enjoyment out of your gift.”  

 Stay tuned for exciting new reversible designs in earrings and necklaces, coming soon in the spring/summer of 2023.

*on select designs

UMBERTO Suggests Distinction – Sophisticated gifts for your one-of-a-kind.

Umberto Picchiotti is another son of Giuseppe, serving as the Vice President of Operations, for PICCHIOTTI. He comes by his love of Italian high jewelry naturally, having been born and raised in the business. Umberto has highly refined tastes, and for him, the magic word is always sophistication. When considering which piece of jewelry to give as a gift to someone you love, Umberto suggests finding a truly unique, original design with a heightened sense of refinement. 

 “Choosing a particularly distinctive gemstone will not only help your gift stand out as the best ever, but it will also help the receiver connect to the piece of jewelry in a profound way,” says Umberto. As an example, the PICCHIOTTI Fan Ring boasts a one-of-a-kind, unheated oval spessartite garnet in a delightful orange color. The center stone weighs in at over 7 carats and is surrounded by three rows of perfectly matched diamonds that form an elevated platform worthy of such an incredible gem.   

Another example is the beautiful pink and blue sapphire earrings from the Essentially Color Collection. Deep blue sapphires top a cascade of round and baguette diamonds that culminates with two gorgeous and perfectly matched unheated pink sapphires. “With superlative gemstones like these, the earrings are more than a wardrobe upgrade – they are genuine works of art that will bring smiles and compliments every time they are worn.” 

Like his father and brother, Umberto also has an extensive knowledge of gemstones – he recognizes rarity and depth of color as true beauty.  He recommends buying a one-of-a-kind stone for a one-of-a-kind woman. He suggests the Bombé Emerald Ring for a lifetime of “Wow!”  The floral design incorporates a complex arrangement of pear-shape diamonds that seemingly pay homage to the majestic, vivid green oval emerald set in the center. It is a ring that will garner more than attention – it comes with unbridled joy and everlasting beauty. 

With so many choices out there in the world of fine jewelry, it’s nice to have thoughtful suggestions and considerations from the experts in the Picchiotti family. As always, the PICCHIOTTI brand offers personalized customer service to help you make the best choice. Whatever you decide on for your loved ones, we hope they will wear it in good health and that you will receive the delight and gratitude that your thoughtful gifts deserve.


Find more great jewelry gifts at PICCHIOTTI.com or visit one of our esteemed retail partners. 


Feature image at top – Clockwise from upper right – PICCHIOTTI Xpandable sapphire and diamond bracelet and ring, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Diamond Bracelet, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Diamond Rings, Model wearing PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces, PICCHIOTTI Fan Ring 


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