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Xpandable™ Bracelets & Rings – Expanding Her Love or Your Style with Luxurious Comfort & Ease

Xpandable™ Bracelets & Rings – Expanding Her Love or Your Style with Luxurious Comfort & Ease

The PICCHIOTTI fine jewelry brand has long been known for its uniquely Italian innovation and ingenuity, but in 2016 the heritage brand achieved a truly revolutionary feat of engineering with the creation of its Xpandable™️ collection. Invisible technology allows these rings and bracelets to expand and contract with ease and durability for everyday wear. The concept and design were so incredible that the company was awarded a unique patent* in 2019.

“What continues to excite me most about our patented and invisible Xpandable mechanism is the idea that great jewelry design can solve problems,” says Giuseppe Picchiotti, Founder of the house of PICCHIOTTI. “With freedom from ring-sizing and cumbersome clasps, the Xpandable designs offer luxurious comfort and ease. They have also become a template for continual experimentation, with exciting new materials and refreshing new designs.”

Xpandable rings and bracelets make exceptional gifts to a loved one or to yourself, because they reflect a sincere concern for her or your own comfort, ease, and unique sense of style. The collection now boasts over two hundred designs, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and cocktail rings, as well as stackable bracelets and statement bracelets. PICCHIOTTI’s award-winning design and use of superlative gemstones are both showcased in the Xpandable collection. For color lovers, gold connoisseurs, or tennis bracelet fans, there are a wide range of options, impeccably crafted to sparkle and delight.

Expanding Rings Solve the Problems Associated with Ring Sizing and Knuckles


Clockwise from Upper Left – Altaroma 2022 (Getty Images), PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Double Facing For the Love of Color Ring, PICCHIOTTI New Xpandable Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring, Fendi Couture 2022 (Getty Images), PICCHIOTTI Xpandable The 8158 Ring in Mother of Pearl, Diamond,s and 18K Rose & Yellow Gold, Model wearing assortment of PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Cocktail Rings


Anyone who has ever bought a ring as an eternity band or as a gift knows full well the challenges associated with ring sizing
Many women also have naturally large or arthritic knuckles that are wider than the finger itself, creating a need to buy a larger ring so that it will fit over the knuckle. But then, the ring or eternity band is not so comfortable to wear because it is actually too big for the finger. These issues also make it challenging for a woman to buy a ring for herself online.

Following three years of research and development, the PICCHIOTTI team found the solution to these annoying problems with its patented* Xpandable Collection. “After decades of observing many of my best customers struggle to fit diamond rings over their knuckles, we developed an elegant solution that is invisible to the eye,” says Giuseppe. “We consider it a proprietary triumph of high jewelry design and technology, and I am happy to say it has been wonderfully received.”

Ring Sizing Solved

Hidden springs on the inside of Xpandable rings gently expand and contract for a comfortable, perfect fit. The Xpandable rings  and eternity bands can expand comfortably up to two and a half sizes, , so the ring can easily accommodate knuckles, as well as most shifts in size over time. And as an added bonus, in the case of a surprise marriage proposal, knowing your loved one’s exact ring size is no longer an issue.

The springs are also constructed of a very hard and durable metal that sits within the framework of the precious metal of the ring’s shank. This makes them perfect bridal rings because the comfortable perfect fit can last a lifetime, even with everyday wear and normal size or weight fluctuations over the years. PICCHIOTTI’s bridal ring designs encompass a wide array of modern options, as well, including colored gemstone or colored diamond center stones following royalty and celebrity trends, graduated diamond bands, and fancy diamond shapes like emerald cut, oval, and princess cut.

Comfortable Wear

Xpandables also put the element of surprise back into gift giving! You can give a ring as a gift without knowing her exact ring size. An experienced professional in a jewelry retail store can help you estimate her ring size, and the Xpandable technology allows you a fairly large margin of error, expanding comfortably up to 2.5 sizes. Because the technology is internal, these rings will not pinch the skin, causing discomfort. She can continue to wear your gift for years, and she will continue to experience its sparkling mood lift every time she does so.

Plus, these expanding rings allow you to wear the ring on different fingers, depending on the mood, style, or outfit du jour. It makes a versatile and creative way to show your love as a gift or a smart purchase when adding to your fine jewelry wardrobe. Select a style, color, or gemstone of preference with options from classic diamond (great for wedding bands or engagement rings) to fashionable gold or colorful precious gems. One of the great things about Xpandables is that they are stackable and collectable. Buy a ring or bracelet today and over the years, you can add to her or your stack/collection. It is a gift that continues expanding happiness, with many options for wearing.

* Patent applies to specific designs.

Expanding Bracelets Solve the Problems Associated with Cumbersome Clasps


Clockwise from Upper Left – Altaroma 2022 (Getty Images), PICCHIOTTI Xpandbale Golden Accent Bracelet, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Fashion Gems Bracelet, Model wearing stack of Xpandable Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire Bracelets, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Diamond Bracelet, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Golden Accent Bracelet in 18K Rose Gold & Diamonds


Bracelets can be another problematic category of fine jewelry.  Clasps make it hard to put a bracelet on, requiring assistance from another person. Also, clasps that are designed for ease can be less secure. Xpandable bracelets are created with modern technology and old-world craftsmanship to ensure durability and maximum brilliance. Each stone is cut and set with such precision that even the very finest quality of gems, such as Pigeon’s Blood Rubies, can be set with PICCHIOTTI’s patented expanding mechanism. Such bracelets set new standards of elegance, beauty, and innovation, creating heirloom jewels that fit for generations.

Empowering freedom from clasps

PICCHIOTTI’s Xpandable bracelets slip smoothly over the wrist with no need for a cumbersome clasp. They are empowering jewels because women can not only purchase the bracelets for themselves but also put them on without assistance. And with so many styles, in classic diamonds for tennis bracelet lovers or satin finish for gold lovers to various cuts of precious faceted gemstones and colorful opaque gems, there is a style for every woman and every outfit in the wardrobe.

Just as the rings fit over knuckles that get larger with age, the bracelets are as easy to slip on for a 20 year-old as for a 90 year-old. The invisible spring technology is created with a special material that has unique metallic properties, including lack of memory. Because it has no memory, the bracelets will never get stretched out. They will continue to snap back time after time and always be beautiful to wear.

Comfort is the new luxury

In the modern world, our on-the-go lifestyles have created a less formal and more casual sense of style. It can be challenging to maintain a sense of sophistication with denim, silk pajama pants, and athleisure at the forefront of fashion trends. Luckily, accessories offer a myriad of ways to stand out and keep the overall look very elegant. Fine jewelry goes a long way in elevating our everyday style without the restrictive feeling of dress-up clothing.  Comfort is king in luxury today, and Xpandable bracelets and rings are purposely crafted to be very comfortable to wear – either on a yacht, in a boardroom, or at the dinner table.

Because the spring mechanism in Xpandable bracelets is internal and invisible, it creates smooth edges and clean lines for great design. The bracelets will not pinch or pull hairs on the wrist, nor snag on sweaters and woven fabrics. In fact, Xpandable bracelets are often worn in stacks. Layer as many as you like. Start a collection that you can add to annually as markers of every milestone or special occasion in your life.

Even our esteemed retail partners, who have access to every kind of jewelry known to man, sing the praises of our expanding ring and bracelet designs. Wilson Glasgow, owner of Elizbeth Bruns in Charlotte, North Carolina recently wrote to us on the recent occasion of the 5th anniversary of our Xpandable collection… “I am hugely indebted to Giuseppe Picchiotti for his amazing talents in producing such a remarkable and beautiful product! I cannot believe Xpandable is celebrating FIVE YEARS!!  The expanding rings and bracelets have really delighted my clients, they have sold very well every year since their introduction. My congratulations to all involved.”

To discover our wide variety of Xpandable™ designs, visit the Xpanable pages of our website or use our store locator to find a store like  Elizabeth Bruns near you where you can try them out for yourself. Be forewarned, they can be addictive. Wear them in good health!

We are always adding creative new designs, so be sure to follow us on Instagram to see them first.

Feature image at top, L to R – PICCHIOTTI Xpanable Fashion Gems bracelet in 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds, and Mother of Pearl, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Bracelet in Emerald-Cut Diamond Bracelet, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Fashion Gems Bracelet, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Golden Accent Bracelet in 18K Rose Gold & Diamonds

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