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Xpandable For the Love of Color emerald and diamond ring, PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Sapphire and Diamond Heart necklace, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable diamond tennis bracelet, Model wearing various Xpandable cocktail rings

What to Get the One Who Has Everything – A Luxury Holiday Gift Guide

What to Get the One Who Has Everything – A Luxury Holiday Gift Guide

Xpandable For the Love of Color emerald and diamond ring, PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Sapphire and Diamond Heart necklace, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable diamond tennis bracelet, Model wearing various Xpandable cocktail rings

Every year around this time, we all start scratching our heads and dreaming of the perfect holiday gifts for the people we love the most. “I love the holiday season,” says Giuseppe Picchiotti, Founder and lead designer of the PICCHIOTTI brand. “But every year, I find myself struggling to find new ways of expressing my gratitude and affection to my most beloved, my wife. And in every corner of the globe where I have traveled, many tell me that they feel the same. Luckily, fine jewelry is a wonderful solution, but I believe it takes some thoughtfulness and attention to detail to truly choose the best gift for the person who seems to have it all.” Here, we will explore the PICCHIOTTIs’ expert advice for the toughest question ever – what to get the person who has everything. 

Wearable Jewelry – Luxury with Everyday Relevance

There is no doubt that it can be challenging to buy for someone who seems to have everything and feels empowered to buy whatever they need. One important aspect of gift-giving for the most discerning of loved ones is relevance. Find jewelry that will fit seamlessly into their everyday lives. Luxury today is all about comfort and ease. In fact, PICCHIOTTI’s highly successful Xpandable™ collection was launched specifically in response to customer requests for jewelry that they can wear everyday – easy to put on by oneself and simple and refined enough to go with most fabrics or outfits in a luxury wardrobe. The invisible Xpandable mechanism expands and contracts to remove the hassles related to ring sizing and cumbersome bracelets clasps. With over 200 distinctive styles, Xpandable jewelry makes a thoughtful and relevant gift that can be worn everyday by itself or stacked with other rings/bracelets, smartwatches, bangles, and of course, bridal bands.  As long as you are thoughtful about the selection, suiting it to your loved ones’ personal style or preferences, Xpandables make great wearable jewelry gifts, luxury that is relevant every day, even for those who have it all.

For diamond lovers, consider a contemporary tennis bracelet like the PICCHIOTTI Xpandable emerald-cut lover double row bracelet or the new Xpandable Bullet bracelets in rose, yellow, or white gold or colorful combos like rose gold and ruby or yellow gold and sapphire.  Or warm up their look with a few fancy yellow diamonds sprinkled in – a great way to freshen up a diamond lover’s syle, stacking a classic tennis bracelet with a yellow diamond Xpandable or a yellow and white diamond combo design. It’s like giving the gift of sunshine!

For more tailored or classic fashion personas, people who love tweed blazers, turtlenecks, or button-up blouses, consider a Gold Accent Xpandable bracelet or ring with streamlined channels of diamonds between sleek gold edges. These styles are perfect for gold lovers or to wear with classic gold bangles, luxury watches, and/or cocktail rings.

For fans of color or those who regularly wear colorful print fabrics, consider colorful gemstone options from the Xpandable For the Love of Color assortment. Can’t decide between sapphires and emeralds? No problem. The double-sided Xpandable ring easily slides around on the finger to show off either blue sapphires or green emeralds, offering versatility and more chances to wear. Or the Xpandable sapphire and emerald bracelet beautifully combines the luscious blue and green hues into one easy to wear bracelet. Thoughtful details like the diamonds being set in white gold and the colored gems set in yellow gold really make this a statement piece. 

Another way to offer color is a singular color ring or bracelet. The emerald Xpandable bracelet (or ruby or sapphire) makes a bold statement of color at the wrist, and these rings and bracelets are perfectly stackable, too – creating the perfect gift idea year after year. A wide variety of ring and bracelet styles also shows off the intense colors of PICCHIOTTI’s superlative rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Exceptional Masterpieces – One-of-a-Kind Investment Pieces

For the one who needs nothing on your list, consider a gift that they never knew they needed – an exceptional masterpiece that can be handed down as an heirloom for many generations to come.  One-of-a-kind investment pieces tend to retain their emotional significance as well as much of their value over time, making them the kind of gifts that keep on giving. Brooches, necklaces, earrings, and/or rings with exceptional gemstone quality become beloved treasures that radiate an air of confidence and sophistication, almost as brightly as the sparkle from the gems and diamonds themselves.

The PICCHIOTTI brand is known worldwide for its extraordinary use of only superlative gems. The gemstones that make up the PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces are exceptional in every way – intensity of color, rarity, clarity of the gem itself, and often an impressive size.  The PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Sapphire pendant necklace is a good example. The vivid “Royal Blue” Sri Lanka sapphire pendant weighs almost 35 carats, its cushion cut beautifully amplifying the clarity and depth of color of the incredible gemstone. It hangs from over 25 carats of round and kite-shaped diamonds as a statement piece to be admired and noticed from far across a room. A sapphire of this size and quality is quite likely to retain much of its value and all of its beauty for many, many years to come.

Unique pieces like the PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Sapphire Heart necklace and the Ruby Masterpiece earrings also stand the test of time. The heart shaped white diamonds and sapphires alternate in a collar length necklace, worn high on the neck to brilliantly show off the clarity and translucent nature of the extraordinary gems. The heart necklace features almost 90 carats of blue Sri Lanka sapphires with clear white diamonds that accent the remarkable clarity in the sapphires.  The ruby earrings are haloed in white diamonds, a befitting nod to the elegance and glory of these stunning and perfectly matched rubies. 

Brooches and cocktail rings can also endure for generations. Brooches always make a comeback in fashion and can be worn in creative ways – not just on lapels, but also on hats, handbags, belts, or even in the hair. Throughout its nearly six-decade tenure, PICCHIOTTI has often crafted stunning brooches inspired by nature, especially exotic birds. The PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Peacock brooch is one such example. This handsome creature could be worn by jewelry lovers of any gender. It features a 18.23 carat cabochon emerald and 11.98 carats of round, white diamonds that make up its sinuous feathers.  It rests on a branch of burnished gold and has a coral beak and garnet eyes. When would this splendid creature ever go out of style?

Similarly, cocktail rings are always appropriate. Since their introduction during the Prohibition Era of the “Roaring Twenties,” cocktail rings have continued to maintain an important place in fashion. Representing female empowerment, the charm of the cocktail ring continues to reign supreme, now worn by men and women alike.  PICCHIOTTI loves to design an entire cocktail ring around a superlative gem, to pay homage to the very beauty and exclusivity of the gem. The PICCHIOTTI Pear-Cut Emerald Xpandable cocktail ring features a Zambia vivid green 6.11 carat pear-shaped emerald, haloed by PICCHIOTTI’s signature baguette diamonds. The Xpandable shank easily slides over large knuckles and/or can be worn on the pointer or middle fingers as in contemporary fashion. The row of emeralds around the shank echoes the color in the center stone to beautiful effect.  Such a ring will always be a welcome addition to any emerald lover’s jewelry box.

Earrings – One Can Never Have Too Many

As any jewelry connoisseur will tell you, you can never have too many earrings. What to get the one who has everything? Another pair of earrings is always welcome. 

Every fine jewelry wardrobe needs specific styles to be well rounded – classic hoops, colorful drops, diamond earrings, and button (on-the-lobe) styles. They may already have a pair of diamond studs but consider the thoughtful option of a pair of diamond hoop earrings. PICCHIOTTI has a nice array of hoops in various widths, lengths, and carat weights, even some colorful options with rubies and sapphires if your beloved already has diamond hoops.

Drop earrings are also a must-have in every jewelry wardrobe. For longer face shapes (ovals, rectangles, etc.), opt for lengthy drop earrings like chandeliers and stilettos. For shorter or rounder faces (heart shaped faces, for example), shorter and/or wider drops are usually best. Look for ways to compliment the face, for example blue stones for blue eyes, and more specifically, sapphires for dark blue/grey eyes and turquoise earrings for bright blue eyes.

A fabulous pair of button earrings is also always a welcome delight. Many people already have their favorite hoops or a few chandeliers or dangling drops. But a smart, sassy button earring can be the perfect way to pull off certain looks or to complete certain ensembles. Pearls are a great example. Many people feel comfortable wearing pearl drop earrings with smaller millimeter sizes of pearls, but for larger, bolder strands, a pearl drop earring can feel like a bit too much. A pearl button earring that keeps it all on the lobe is the perfect choice. Button earrings are also a super chic way to adorn blazers for professional looks and up ‘dos, particularly when the neckline is open or when a larger statement necklace is worn.

Transforming Jewelry – Reversible Styles for Dynamic Lifestyles

Lots of empowered people, the kind who already have everything, tend to be always on the go… Today’s dynamic and busy lifestyles can be a challenge for those who always want to be well dressed. Jewelry and accessories, in particular, can be hard to choose or to safely carry with them as they move about. For these reasons, convertible or transformable jewelry is gaining in popularity. PICCHIOTTI launched its Reversible Xpandable collection in 2022, due to demand from customers for jewelry that suits their ever-changing lifestyles. From athleisure wear or business apparel by day to cocktail frocks or black-tie attire by night, the reversible styles allow the kind of flexibility and versatility that many people need today.  An all-gold necklace can easily flip over, while being worn, to reveal an all-diamond style.  Such a necklace ensures that you will never feel over or under-dressed! Similarly, earrings can “flip” from all diamond to all-gold or from turquoise to turquoise plus white or coral or coral and white combo. The design possibilities are exciting and driving the PICCHIOTTI design team to continue coming up with fresh new reversible designs. Stay tuned!

For the Reversible Xpandable rings and bracelets, these style capitalize on the popularity of the invisible expanding mechanism mentioned above. Again, the design possibilities are endless. Everyday gold bracelets transform into dressy diamond styles or dramatic black and diamond designs flip to reveal an all-white look. Like all of the Xpandable styles, the comfort and ease of these reversible rings and bracelets make them a welcome addition to any fine jewelry collection. Not only a blessing on busy days but also a fun alternative for switching things up whenever the mood strikes!

Personalized Messages – Jewelry Selected Just for Her

Personalized gifts are also a way tell the one who has everything just how special they are to you. Ancient wisdom holds true – gift others the way you would want to be gifted. Pick something special about them to honor or pick something especially for them. Your thoughtfulness will speak volumes about how much you care.

If there is something about them that you truly adore, find a jewel that will honor it. For example, if you happen to love their eyes, pay tribute to them with jewelry. It can be fun to search for gemstones that match your loved one’s eye color. Nature provides various hues of almost every gems. As mentioned above, you can opt for intense blue sapphires for deep blue eyes, or for lighter, brighter blue-eyed beauties, seek out turquoise or Paraiba tourmaline options.  For those with luscious green eyes, opt for emeralds like the PICCHIOTTI Xpandable Emerald cocktail ring. Earrings, in particular, are great options when matching the eyes. Or, if you happen to love their beautiful hands, a cocktail ring, a pinky ring, or a romantic ring could be another wonderful, personalized gift. They can recall your admiration of their hands every time they look down. 

When picking something especially for the person you love most, including the one who seems to already have everything, give some thought to their personality and their passions. Color can make a great personal choice by aligning with their favorite color. Sapphires for blue lovers, emeralds for green lovers, ruby for red lovers. Birthstones also work. Learn your lover’s birthstone and find a unique design that suits their fashion essence. 

Thoughtful sentiments like heart motifs can also be a meaningful way to express lasting love.  Heart shaped diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are especially evocative as these are the four precious gemstones, as precious as your love is to you. PICCHIOTTI wraps their hearts in precisely re-cut baguette diamonds to add brilliance and radiance to the heart shaped gem.

Speaking of lasting love, engagement season begins with the holidays. For anyone looking to propose, consider the benefits of the Xpandable collection for bridal. No ring sizing is usually required. Most Xpandable engagement rings can expand up to 2.5 sizes, allowing the ring to grow with the bride throughout a lifetime. Also, the element of surprise in a proposal can be heightened, even if the ring size is not known.  If you are proposing to the one who has everything, consider a fancy yellow diamond engagement ring or a colored gemstone engagement ring instead of the traditional white diamond. With proposals, personalization is key.  Choose a shape or cut of the center diamond or gemstone that your partner loves best – emerald-cut, marquise, oval, pear, round.  And choose a color of metal and a style or design that suits their fashion sense.

Another great option for the one who has it all is a wardrobe classic like an all-diamond “tennis” necklace.  If your beloved already has a tennis bracelet, consider the option of a diamond Rivière (or “tennis”) necklace. The versatility of an all-diamond piece means they can wear it with a variety of looks in their closet. Because most Rivière necklaces are on the smaller side, it is appropriate for everyday wear, especially on days that need the little lift that sparkle can bring.

Whatever you buy for your someone who has everything, be sure to shop from a reputable jeweler that you trust. For tips on selecting the perfect jewelry for your specific loved one, see our post on How To Buy Jewelry as a Gift. Enjoy the process and let your love with show with a long-lasting gift of sparkle. Not only will your loved one look radiant when wearing it, but they will also think of you whenever they wear it. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and receiving. From our family to yours, happy shopping!

Feature image at top – clockwise from upper left – Xpandable For the Love of Color emerald and diamond ring, PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Sapphire and Diamond Heart necklace, PICCHIOTTI Xpandable diamond tennis bracelet, Model wearing various Xpandable cocktail rings 


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