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Masterpieces – Earrings The Big Four – Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds

Masterpieces – Earrings The Big Four – Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds

PICCHIOTTI’s esteemed Masterpieces Collection combines Nature’s most remarkable and superlative gemstones with exquisite design and precise handcraftsmanship. Art and artistry are merged in a mutually beneficial relationship that results in breathtaking beauty and astonishing jewels. Each Masterpieces Earring starts with the gems themselves – pairing extraordinary gemstones of matching quality and color to create the harmony of symmetry and the radiance that only the finest of gems and precious metals can conjure.

“Because they frame the face, Earrings are the most personal of all jewelry pieces,” says Giuseppe Picchiotti, Founder of PICCHIOTTI. “Our face shapes are so distinctive that our phones can now recognize is simply by face shape. Finding the perfect pair of earrings for one’s unique face, as well as one’s individual style and personality is always a bit of a treasure hunt. And quite a joy! The good news is you are never limited to just one. A fine jewelry wardrobe should be filled with options.”

Of all the categories of jewelry, earrings are the most popular for self-purchase and rightly so. Choosing earrings is a reflection of personal style and often an incredible joy. Here we will look at many of PICCHIOTTI’s Masterpieces Earrings, focusing on the big four gems – diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, as well as the proverbial wardrobe basic – hoops. The Masterpieces earrings and the hoops add a finishing touch of sophistication to just about any outfit or ensemble.

Masterpieces – Diamond Earrings

PICCHIOTTI has a lovely collection of Masterpieces earrings in diamonds, not only in various cuts of white diamond but also in fancy yellow diamonds. Studs or button earrings stay on the lobe with no dangle beneath, making them a great option for business suits or blouses with beading, fringe, or ornamentation. PICCHIOTTI’s Masterpieces Heart earrings feature two stunning fancy yellow diamond hearts surrounded by signature baguette cut diamonds. These statement-making earrings are simple and sophisticated, evoking a sunny warm happiness and neutral enough to wear with a large variety of colors, even a little black dress. Stud earrings or buttons also wear well with large or high necklaces like collars and chokers. A stunning pair of 14.21 carat diamonds form the center of a Masterpieces Diamond & Ruby stud earring.  The rubies are buff-topped, a special cut that rounds the top of the ruby to allow maximum color to shine through. They pair perfectly with a ruby necklace, red blouse, or all black outfit.

Diamond drop earrings are also classics. Often preferred by people with longer hair styles and face shapes, drop earrings move with the body and catch the light in extraordinary ways. PICCHIOTTI’s Masterpieces Yellow and White Diamond earrings form a feminine drop shape with an oval halo of diamonds embracing the perfectly paired pear-cut fancy yellow diamonds. This is the perfect earring for a special occasion or for a mood-lifting personal “pick me up” – wear them whenever a little boost of confidence or style is needed.

Masterpieces – Sapphires Earrings

With the coming coronation of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla on Saturday, May 6th, the royals are top of mind these days. A plethora of exciting jewels will be on parade for sure. Town & Country magazine, in a story about Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, reported that “for centuries, sapphires have held a cherished place among the hearts of British royals.” The sapphire has certainly been a favorite in the Tudor lineage. Its deep, intoxicating blue hue was a favorite of the late beloved Queen, as well as of Princess Diana. And of course, Princess Kate, Duchess of Cambridge still wears Diana’s ring daily as her engagement ring.

A layout of exceptional deep blue oval Sri Lanka sapphires is paired with a linear row of graduated round diamonds to form an elegant drop earring for the most sophisticated sapphire connoisseurs. The sapphires and diamonds move independently, creating motion at the jawline, attracting light and allowing maximum sparkle. The simplicity of the chic design is understated, making these earrings perfect for special occasions or for adorning a navy blue blazer or classic white blouse. For those who prefer shorter earring styles, the PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Sapphire and Baguette Diamond earrings feature a sleek architecture and an understated elegance. The depth of color in the sapphires is remarkable and particularly exceptional, given how well matched these particular stones are.

Flower lovers and ladies with softer facial features might prefer a floral style. The PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Sapphire Floral earring includes a sparkling small diamond flower on the lobe composed of pear-cut petals surrounding a round diamond center, while two incredible unheated Burma oval sapphires, weighing 8.54 carats, form a sparkling drop in the most refined and classic style. 

Masterpieces – Emeralds Earrings

Green gemstones are #trending for spring and summer. Harper’s Bazaar advises, “Get Your Greens” for the season ahead, especially emeralds, which are apparently “here to stay.” The more vibrant the green, the better.  

Ear climbers or broader styles of buttons that travel away from the face can also make stunning statement with up-do’s or short hairstyles. The PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Emerald earring is a great example. Left and right ear specific, these earrings cup the jaw line in the same way parentheses enclose a phrase, as if loving hands cupped either side of the jaw. The effect is quite flattering, even slenderizing and keeps the attention on the wearer’s face.

The Fit for a Queen Emerald earrings also frame the jaw, with a regal simplicity befitting the Zambia Vivid Green 5.37 carat emeralds from. The translucent clarity of these emeralds is truly breathtaking and worthy of respect. Drop emerald earrings are equally captivating, and the movement as they dangle adds a bit of fun and a heightened sense of self-expression when worn.

Masterpieces – Ruby Earrings

The deep red beauty of a truly superlative ruby offers an abundance of inspiration to earring designers.  Giuseppe once confessed, “To me, rubies exude a romantic energy, a passion that has always attracted me.” That bright spot of color brings a jolt of energy to the classic business blazer or a hint of romance to a snug black dress. Rubies are often featured in chandelier and statement earrings, but they can also make for chic button styles as in the PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Oval Ruby earrings.

Flowers are also enjoying the spotlight on runways, not only in floral print fabrics but also in jewelry. According to Vogue, “bloom filled bijoux” are all the rage, seen on runways at Chanel, Schiaparelli, Simone Rocha and more. 

For those wanting a little more drama at the lobe, chandelier earrings are always conversation starters. The Masterpieces Ruby Floral earrings shown above use exceptional deep red rubies and white diamonds to form a floral motif on the ear and long dangling fringes that descend like petal drops in diamond and ruby, culminating in perfect pear or teardrop shape rubies. The four pear-shape rubies at the bottom (2 on each earring) are Burma Vivid Pigeon’s Blood, and they weigh 7.93 carats in total. The incredible quality gemstone earring is both charming and striking, a unique chandelier design made softer and more feminine by the introduction of recognizable floral motifs.

For those preferring a more classic style, the Ruby and Diamond Masterpieces earrings highlight two cushion-cut Burma Vivid Red Pigeon’s Blood rubies (the most highly prized ruby color!) that came as a special pair. A pair of rubies weighing respectively 3.04 ct. and 3.05 ct. are rare, especially in top quality like this and with such a coveted color.

Hoops & Huggies – Mastering the Art of Everyday Color

The classic hoop earring is a staple in every fine jewelry wardrobe. Most women have a vareity of hoops – all gold or white diamond hoops are essentials that many women wear on a regular basis. For ladies with petite features and short ear lobes, opt for shorter hoops that hug the ear and hit right at the jawline. For those with wider face shapes and shorter hairstyles, try a wider huggie hoop like PICCHIOTTI’s For the Love of Color Diamond & Emerald or Diamond & Ruby styles or the X2 Diamond Huggie Hoops.  Those with longer face shapes and longer hair styles should opt for larger and thinner hoops like PICCHIOTTI’s Classic Diamond hoops. To personalize the look even more, choose the cut of diamond you like best (round, emerald, oval, etc.), the shape of hoops that looks best near your jaw, and the metal that you wear most often in necklaces and other jewelry (gold, white gold, platinum, rose gold, etc.).

Hoops can also add a bit of color to your wardrobe basics and nuetrals. PICCHIOTTI’s Sapphire Hoops or Ruby Hoops feature oval gems in a wide classic hoop earring that really stands out. The intense blue of the sapphires or the vibrant red of the rubies creates a sense of drama and draws attention to your face.

The best thing about earrings is that they can add new life to some of your favorite outfits. Maybe you have worn that black dress or beige sweater before, but if you add a different earring, it breathes new life into the overall ensemble. “A woman can never have too many earrings,” says Giuseppe. “Sometimes earrings can complete a look more perfectly than any other type of jewelry.” So indulge and treat yourself to superlative gems that will give you maximum sparkle and confidence every time you wear them!


Feature image at top – clockwise from top center – PICCHIOTTI Masterpieces Sapphire Floral earrings, PICCHIOTTI Ruby Hoop earrings, PICCHIOTTI Fit for a Queen Masterpieces earrings


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